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Songwriter / Composer


An accomplished producer, arranger, and mix master, Jean-Jacques Schoch (pronounced 'shjahn shjack shock') has been involved with music, in one way or another, since he was very young. Raised by musical parents from Switzerland, Jean-Jacques grew up in Bethesda, Maryland outside of Washington D.C., where he studied cello, piano, bass and music composition. While living in the Washington area, he played in traditional orchestras and string quartets, as well as bands playing eclectic blends of jazz, funk, rock and bluegrass.

A modern day Renaissance man... musician, writer, artist and inventor, Jean-Jacques is at his core a passionate, gifted composer. Blessed with European charm and a wonderful sense of melody, he is fluent on piano, electric & standup bass and guitar. As a singer/songwriter, Jean-Jacques paints offbeat stories delivered in his distinctive vocal style.

Now living in the Los Angeles area, Jean-Jacques’s prolific musical output has burst out in three different arenas:


1. Singer-Songwriter – his latest solo project of timeless original songs with an Americana~style flair, on acoustic guitar & standup bass.
2. Solo Instrumental Music Images of a Morning Dream - Solo Piano Album, and Mystic Scenes - Exotic Cinematic Sound Track.
3. As a Writer/Producer/Collaborator – with other Music Artists and Projects, notably Cinema3> and David Nathan.

Jean-Jacques is also an active player in the local Los Angeles music scene and has performed as a bass player with many artists.

Solo Piano


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